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Is it safe to apply here?

Yes, we are the authorized dealer for Astro and Maxis. What we do is to help you check coverage and register for your Astro package or Maxis broadband package. We also take necessary precaution to protect all users data.

How much does it cost to apply from here?

There is no extra charge you when you apply through us. We do not collect your credit card information asw e do not charge you for this application. Charges are the same as you apply from the sales counter. * Installation charges are applicable for non-standard installation, payable to contractor/ service provider.

How fast is the application process?

Once we receive your application with completed information, we will process and submit to the service provider within 24hrs (business day). The contractor from the service provider will then contact you for installation appointment. This normally take 2-7 days.

What is the procedure to apply ?

First, you can apply online, we will get back to you on the same business day. Email/ fax/ mail us your Photocopy of NRIC/ passport (for foreigners). When we receive all the information, we will submit your application.

I am exsiting user, can I still apply?

Existing user for Astro can be upgraded to the fibre broadband package. You can call us to request for an upgrade. For Time and Maxis, just submit your application, we will handle all other for you.

What documents do I need to bring during service registration?

For Malaysians, please bring a copy of your MyKad.
For Foreigners, please bring a copy of your passport.

Does Maxis Fibre Internet with Astro Broadband come with Home Voice?

The Home Voice service is an optional service. It does not come with the Maxis Fibre Internet with Astro Broadband service.

If I already have a broadband or fibre service from another provider under a contract, how can I enjoy Maxis Fibre Internet with Astro Broadband?

To avoid service disruption, it is advisable to terminate your existing broadband or fibre service only after you have activated your Time Fibre/ Maxis Fibre Internet with Astro Broadband. This can be done when your existing contract expires.

What makes this Broadband package different from other Astro packages?

Maxis Fibre Internet with Astro Broadband customers enjoy exclusive product benefits such as additional content that is not available to other Astro customers.

What is most basic content package I can opt for in Maxis Fibre Internet with Astro Broadband?

The minimum content package that you can choose is the Family Pack at RM39.95 per month, which has up to 40 quality channels. For details on channels and the packages.

When I migrate over to Maxis Fibre Internet with Astro Broadband, what happens to my existing Home Voice package with free minutes?

The Maxis Fibre Internet with Astro Broadband service does not come with a Home Voice package. Subscribers have the option of subscribing to the new Home Voice plan separately and retain the existing phone number.

I am currently subscribed to Astro DTH (satellite). Can I subscribe to the new Maxis Fibre Internet with Astro Broadband service?

Yes, if you are an existing Astro DTH (satellite) customer and lives within the Fibre Internet coverage area, you can migrate to this Astro Broadband service.

How long does it take to install the Maxis Fibre Internet with Astro Broadband service?

Astro Broadband will contact you in 2 to 7 working days from your registration to schedule the installation appointment. Due to overwhelming demand, the installation may only take place several weeks from your date of registration.

Can I request to move the Broadband devices to another spot in the house?

This is possible and the installer would be able to advise you on the cost of the non-standard installation after assessing your premises and request. These non-standard charges are to be paid to the installer directly.

How long is the contract period when I sign up for Astro Broadband?

The contract period is 24 months effective from your installation date.

What if I relocate to a new address within my contract period with Astro?

Your Astro Broadband contract will be renewed for another 24 months effective from the installation date at your new address.

T&C apply.

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