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Why Astro Broadband

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Stable and Uninterrupted television program from any weather condition

No more problems to watch your favorite program even when it is raining.  Astro broadband uses fibre internet connection to transmit data, thus allowing television programs delivered through high speed internet connection.  Unlike the satellite TV, program is always interrupted when the weather is bad.  Internet data transmitting provides stable delivery of TV program.


Enjoy better saving when you get Astro Broadband with Maxis Fibre Broadband. You will get additional RM26.50 (Include GST) discount when bundled with Astro Super Pack.  Calculate your monthly subscription rate here.

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Better Quality 

Better quality of television programs.  As the programs is delivered through internet connection, you do not rely on satellite signal or antenna, thus there will be no interruption of programs when the weather is bad.

Astro Broadband is the solution!

The collaboration of Astro Broadband with Maxis Fibre allow more location coverage.  Now you can enjoy television channels in any weather condition and high speed internet without lagging and waiting and better, more saving!

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What is IPTV

IPTV stands for Internet Protocol Television. This is a system allowing television programs delivered through high speed Internet connection, instead of the traditional methods such as satellite signal and cable television formats. Basically, IPTV allows you to watch television programs through internet connection.  With IPTV, you can be assured that the TV program is stable and faster speed.

Because IPTV is based on internet data transfer, it is sensitive to data loss and delays if the internet connection is not fast enough.

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